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Luca Cervellati
Luca Cervellati

11 reasons to be a golf fan ...

How many times have you argued your favourite sport (with other people)? Do you also think golf is the best sport in the world and that it is the most complete and challenging activity ever?
Around the world, when people discuss about their favourite sport, they always believe their sport is the best. But is it really a matter of opinion?
Golf is well known for the players’ respect on the field, for their fair-play, for shaking hands at the end of each game, for everyone in the club looking for the missing balls, for divot repairs, and much more. The ball game teaches respect and good conduct: this is something golfers should be very proud of.
How fascinating is it to play golf on a sunny day! I must say: the Golf Club Lugano’s golf course is just incredible! Only 20 minutes from the city of Lugano, you will find yourself in complete harmony with nature. Here, we play golf all year round and not only in short seasons like in other cold countries.

  • Close encounters with wild animals

Golf is an outdoor sport. Hence, nature is part of it! From little squirrels to turtles, foxes, rabbits, fish, birds, and lovely butterflies. Sometimes it feels like visiting a natural park!
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  • No age limit

Did you know Tiger Woods started playing when he was only two years old? Golf is appreciated by people of all ages, which is something unusual in other sports. Further, professional careers in the golf industry are much longer than in most sports.

  • Versatility

Although ideally you would play golf with other three friends, you could also play by yourself! Being in contact with nature, relax, and good conversations are the key of having fun!

  • Eat and drink while playing

You can walk along the fairway eating whatever you desire: in which other sport can you do that? Same with drinks: whether you fancy a nice cup of coffee or a cold beer, you can have them both on the golf course!

  •  Play as many holes as you want

You can play the 18 or nine holes, but if you like less, you can stop when you want. If you are feeling ambitious, you can play up to 100 holes a day.

  • Compete with anyone

You do not have to be particularly tall or strong. Are you afraid to start your golf journey because other golfers you know have been playing the longest? Forget those fears: you can play with anyone, regardless of their golf expertises! Thanks to the handicap system, golfers with different levels of expertises and abilities can compete with each other. You can compete against a professional with real chances of winning the game even thought you’re still a beginner! In another sport, this would be nearly impossible.

  • Play wherever you want

You have a golf driving range at the Golf Club Lugano. Nevertheless, you can get creative and play wherever you want, like in your home garden or living room! In order not to destroy the house, I highly recommend our “Airflow XP” plastic golf balls. In addiction, you can choose the “Wellputt” mat for putting practise at home or in the office. Further, in order to improve the accuracy of your putt and to find out if you do it in arc or in a straight line, we have the amazing “Putting Mirror” in stock!


  • You don’t have to struggle carrying your golf clubs

There are several ways to transport your golf clubs. Most golfers carry them by using an electric or a manual cart. If you prefer some endurance exercise, try the backpack-like sling bag. All these options can be found in our shop!

  • All rounds of golf are unique

How many times people have asked you: “Don’t you get tired of playing by always following the same path?” The answer is always NO. The challenges, conditions, and matches are never the same! Every round of golf is different, which is why we love and come back to it every time.

  • Exercise

Golf may not be known as the most physically demanding sport. However, many people do not know that golfers walk more than 5 kilometers on an average 18-hole round. It is played uphill, downhill, in sand, in rough terrain and in all types of terrain.

  • Great soundtrack

Golfers’ favourite sound is when the ball enters the hole. There are other vey pleasant sounds as well: the sharp sound of a well-played shot from a bunker. The clash of irons in the golf bag while walking. A less pleasant sound might be when the ball hits a tree!
For those who are starting now playing, we hope these 11 facts intrigue you. If you would like to have a chitchat about this awesome sport, or share some of your experiences, I am waiting for you at the Proshop.

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