Club making

Club making

Your golf irons can be custom built from scratch

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Club head

It is the part of the club with which the ball is hit. The characteristics of this component can influence the flight of the ball, the length of the shot and the "backspin". The heads can be "Blade", "Cavity Back", "Muscle Back" or various shapes in between. From a constructive point of view they differ mainly in "forged" or "cast". This affects the feeling transmitted to the player during the stroke.


It is one of the main components of the club as it directly affects the amount of energy transmitted to the ball. Mainly built in graphite or steel, they can be of different weights and flexibility to adapt to the playing characteristics of different players. Normally a lower weight corresponds to greater flexibility, although this is not always the case and we can have different flexes for the same weight. Today we can find shafts ranging from 40gr flex Senior up to 125gr flex ExtraStiff.



The grip gives the player precise control of the shot. Made of different types of rubber, more or less soft. Remember that the grips on wear and dry over time and should therefore be changed every 12/18 months or even more often based on the frequency of play... A grip that slips or turns on the iron can affect your game in a negative way. Grips are initially selected based on their diameter, the size of which depends on the size of the player's hand.

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