Club reparing

Club reparing

Keep your golf equipment in top condition

Revive the golf clubs

We know how valuable your golf clubs are, but we also know that accidents happen ...

Before throwing it away, check with us

If you are satisfied with your sticks, there is no need to discard them at the first sign of fatigue.


Did you break the shaft? Want a shaft that fits your swing better? Our LAB is ready to make sure it is assembled correctly

Loft and Lie adjustment

Have you bought a set of sticks and are not sure if they have the right characteristics for you? Not sure and want to check that your irons are properly adjusted? Come to the proshop and let us check that your irons are correct for your swing.


We can change old and worn grips on all your clubs, while also checking that they are the optimal size and material for your swing. We have a wide variety of grips for drivers, irons or putters. Available in different shapes, materials and sizes.

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