Club fitting

Club Fitting

Make your game easier

Find out the right equipment for your swing

Every golfer is different. For body characteristics, (height, arms’ length, hands size,...) and for technical capabilities. During the fitting we analyze either the physical characteristics and the play abilities. Based on the analysis we can choose and/or modify your clubs to have the best tools to play.


Analysis of the actual equipment in the golf bag. There are details that really make a difference in golf.

Radar FlightScope

Club head speed, ball flight, smash factor, spin, scatter and throw distance analysis

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Bring your own sticks

Don’t forget to bring your bag to the practice session so that we have a starting point

Fitting session

Analysis and considerations on the data collected on each shot, discussion on strengths, weaknesses and expected goals

Renew the new sticks

Once the best combination has been identified, the sticks are customised and built

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