Luca Cervellati
Luca Cervellati

Extend the life of your golf clubs

Taking care of golf equipment is like maintaining a friendship. He is always with you on the pitch in moments of joy, anger, surprises, fear and gives you a lot of satisfaction. Your irons deserve attention after a long day on the pitch. It doesn’t take much to extend the life of your sticks: a quick cleaning!


Cleaning is a simple process and it is important to do this to avoid the buildup of residues that can decrease the effectiveness of the sticks and to prevent rust or damage.

When to clean golf clubs?

The habit of being careful to keep the equipment in good condition is important! If you think about it, why do they advise us to brush our teeth after meals? as well as being nice to smile with white teeth they are proudly healthy. Same concept applies in golf equipment.
Whenever you train on the driving range and on the fairway the clubs have continuous contact with grass, sand, mud, dirt, and water.

So, if they are not cleaned properly after use, you risk damaging not only their appearance, but also their functionality and performance.
I advise you to clean the sticks at the end of each game or after each training because inevitably the sticks get dirty.
Do not forget to do this while you play, after each shot it leaves a visible layer of dirt and that is why you should always have your “Golf Towel” in your bag. If you notice, even professional players clean their equipment almost compulsively.
Remember that even a few drops of water or grass, which stand between the ball and the club face, can affect the success of the shot and the game performance.
Courage … Dirt is an easy opponent to fight.
The part of the club that needs the most attention is always the head (club head) since it is the most used, delicate and subject to wear.


  • A bucket
  • Neutral soap
  • Running water
  • “Dual brush”
  • Soft cloth “Golf Towel”

Clean the woods gently 

Golf woods require “semi-dry” cleaning. To get rid of dirt in the best possible way, use a soft damp cloth. A “Golf Towel” is recommended.

Clean the irons thoroughly

Irons inevitably get more dirty due to their particular shape than woods, higher lofts and numerous grooves. So their cleaning must be more thorough.
  • The process is started by filling a bucket with medium hot water and a little neutral soap. Insert the golf clubs by dipping only the heads.
  • Leave to soak for about 5 minutes and then use a soft “Dual brush” to gently remove any encrustations.
  • To rinse, just use cold running water.
  • Then carefully dry the irons with a soft “Golf Towel” cloth.
  • To protect against moisture and rust corrosion attack, club covers are recommended, designed to protect the upper part of the sticks from rain, dirt and possible impacts. Among other things, there are some very funny club covers like the ones we have in the shop.


Earn trust with cleaning sticks

You will certainly have noticed that when the clubs are clean and tidy you feel safer and more confident to play.
All golfers know that in golf the ‘psychological component’ and ‘trust’ are indispensable. So, the moment of cleaning can become an opportunity to tidy up!

The brush is not enough

To be more precise, scrape away the dirt stuck in the grooves, there is an even more effective tool “GrooveFix” sharpener. For sure, it will give new life to the irons as it cleans the grooves and restores their original sharpness.

Is everything clean and tidy? Perfect! you just have to go and dirty them and enjoy another round on the pitch.

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